A downloadable abomination

A print and play dungeon scrawler, inspired by Dark Fort, 12 Years, and Dungeonquest/Drakborgen.

I hope to polish this up further and do a print version to accompany the release of my forthcoming Mörk Borg adventure TRAGIC CASTLE OBSESSION! Until then, enjoy!


The Seventh Misery is at hand, yet there may be salvation for some…

 As the skies darkened and the sun burned out, people whispered of the Mandates of Nechrubel: documents sealed by that great and dismal deity guaranteeing passage on the wings of the great Two-Headed Basilisk. Passage from the Dying World to the Undying Hereafter.

 Five copies of the Mandate have been recovered. You have lied, betrayed, tricked, and murdered and now hold one in your grimy fist. Now you must descend into the catacombs beneath Bergen Chrypt and present your Mandate to the head of Verhu…

NOW INCLUDES THE TUNNELS OF NECHRUBEL SUPPLEMENT! Explore the chaotic passages beneath Verhu's catacombs... occult relics and terrifying creatures lurk therein!


BASILISK! is an independent production by 1d10+5 and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License. 

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

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Tagsmork-borg, morkborg, Solo RPG, solo-ttrpg


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Loving this game. LOVING IT. Came to a hair's breadth from the lair but dead end! Then I got hounded by inquisitors to death. My first character died in round 1 of combat 1 in room 1 tho so I'm gonna say I only had 4 proper characters lol.
I do wanna know if multiple pets stack damage? Like two dogs or dog and monkey etc?

Thanks so much for this! And, yes - additional pets stack damage!!

Odd question: can I get a look at some of the playtest versions of the game? I've read the design notes and would love to see the game in its early stages and see how it changed and why! I do wanna sink my teeth into this neat little gem.


Very excited for Tunnels of Nechrubel. Printing it now with a fresh stack of "page 5"s. This is easily my favorite solo game. I have burned through so many runs and have never actually won. I've brought the mandate to Verhu ONCE and it was FAKE!


Yeah, I think after about 15 plays I have only won once... but i have enjoyed every attempt immensely! I would say maybe 70% of the time I do at least make it to the Arch Cultist, though!


Cool game! Video on the dungeon dive coming this week. If I'm not mistaken though, there are no rules included for stat checks / challenges. I'm assuming it's D20 + stat mod, right?


You are right, and thanks for pointing out that oversight! I will check the rules! :O


Right on. A couple of other things. The stat block for the monkey is missing "dam" on its damage roll, and one of the D4 charts has 1, 2, 4, 4.

Deleted 75 days ago

Fixed! :)


Coming from someone that loves both Drakborgen and Mörk borg, this is f-ing genius! 

Thanks, hope you enjoy playing... just had my second win put of around eight plays, and quite enjoying the choices it occasionally foists on the player. There are a few minor tweaks for the next revision, but I think the rule set is almost there...

Thinking of adding an addendum with two player rules, too...


I won my first game :D
So far it's awesome!
It would be good to have an example of play here. I've done mine on PC.
I'm already considering just using the dungeon oracles from Solitary, for flavor, but as far as a mapping square crawl go, this is cool.

If you want, please consider the following suggestions:
- I may have missed rules considering backtracking, but that might be cool too. I'm worried that one might explore most of the dungeon  too quickly, and that doesn't leave much to do for the others.

Might  be cool to consider a special bonus for mapping out the entire dungeon, if possible.

So far, it's really cool, I like it, definitely something I can see myself messing around with on the go.


:O This is so awesome, I LOVE IT! Thank you - do you mind if I share this on Twitter?

Thank you for all the feedback - really helpful. I'll be putting out some revisions early next week!

Not at all :D
Share it by all means , my tag is @dm3_inks

Hi! I'm playing the game, and There's something I'd like co clarify :
When getting better, do I spend 10 pts on ALL of the below, or a single thing?
I'll post the results soon when all my scvm's dead :D


Only a single thing. I will edit the text for clarity on that later!

Thanks :)
I think just doing those grey and white boxes to separate them visually as individual options will do just fine.