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An engine of lonesome death for MÖRK BORG.

Comprehensive rules for exploring the dying lands solitaire.

No prior soloing knowledge required! The Core Book and Feretory (or alternatively a handful of free MBC digital downloads) are all that you need to get started! Oh, and a willingness to die, haha!

Includes Moves reference, Oracles, extended gameplay example, and three optional worksheets.

Thanks Atrophis and Kythera for the proof-reading!

Sölitary Defilement  is an independent production by 1d10+5 and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License. 

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.


Buy Now$12.56 USD or more

In order to download this supplement you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.56 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Aqua Mortis.pdf 5 MB
Park Pale.pdf 14 MB
Tragic Castle Obsession.pdf 15 MB
Alone in the Crowd.pdf 26 MB
Solitary Defilement Playthrough Examples.pdf 7 MB

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Community Copies

If you are on low wages, unemployed, or participating in strike action, please feel fee to take advantage of a community copy of Solitary Defilement expanded edition.

Download demo

Solitary_Defilement.pdf 41 MB
Solitary Defilement Worksheets.pdf 2 MB
Rottener_Blacker_Sludge.pdf 2 MB
ShadowClink.pdf 1 MB
Records of Ruin.pdf 13 MB

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Hi, is there any chance you could refresh the community copies, thx

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I am a bit confused 🤔. Solitary Defilement is not included? Or the demo is Solitary Defilement product?

(1 edit) (+1)

The 'demo' contains the core book and an adventure. The other file contains all the extras.

Thank you for clarifying!



Any chance for a new batch of community copies? :)



(2 edits) (+3)

A random idea - it would be cool to have a printed hardcover version, which unites everything for solitary defilement in a single book ^__^

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I would buy this in an instant if it went to Kickstarter or the like.  The Special Edition through Max Moon is pretty awesome, but also so hard to get! (Reprint when?!)

Any chance of more community copies? Thanks regardless, I love the core book


We want more, we want more... pretty please??


Nearly everything is out of stock (print). Any chance of getting print versions in the near future?

(1 edit) (+1)

This was pulled from DriveThruRPG so I have to rebuy this?

8t 8s still Private on DTRPG, so should be in your library still? Lmk if not tho.

It may have been DriveThruRPG being junky this morning on mobile using their preview UI. I do have it downloaded on my PC now in a backup archive.

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Has anyone else been having issues printing Aqua Mortis and Park Pale? When I try to print them as a booklet it misses off two of the pages everytime.

Tested other documents and my printer responds as expected for the various settings so it seems like something is off with these documents but I could equally be losing my ming.

I haven't encountered this issue, but can add spreads to the archive. Perhaps that might solve it!


Yeah honestly it's bizzare. Shadowclink prints fine, other documents I've downloaded print fine I've just been struggling with these. I think a spread will enable me to get it printed though :)

Also can I just say I've been playing solitary defilement for the past week or so (not much previous solo rpg - or any rpg experience) and it's been great! I've been running shadowclink and after my 6th attempt made it out!


Would you kindly add community copies?

Is there any way we could ever get a pdf copy of the Records of Ruin booklet?! I really want to have a new one for every campaign. I have it physically but already filled it! I’d pay extra for more copies. 


This is on my to do list - hope to make a small update before Xmas!

You are the Santa of the Dying Lands. 


Here we go! https://1d105.itch.io/solitary-defilement/devlog/655142/gifts-for-wrongjesusmas


feed my need for a physical reprint please!!


Just a heads up; there is a limited edition physical box set collection of Solitary Defilement available now from Max Moon Games

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I cant seem to access the solitary defilement download, just the other 4 supplements.  Am I missing something? Seems like I'm not the only one as seen in prior comments.  


can you also download the original 'demo' from the main SD page?

I need to bundle everything together to make things more straightforward - I  will fix this later in the evening.

Yes I can download the ‘Demo’.  Looks like that is the main SD book, correct? 

Yes, the additional materials are in the laid file. Enjoy!


Hi! I bought the book but wasn't given the Core SD rule book. Are we supposed to use the demo? I only received the files:

  • Aqua Mortis
  • Park Pale
  • Alone in the Crowd
  • Solitary Defilement Playthrough Examples


The first download in the demo seems to be the core book

+1 for print edition, PLEASE!!!

there's technically the reprint as a box set from max moon games for $75

also can we have a print editon please

any chance making a version for pirate borg?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, I bought the Core book and supplements (all pdf), but there is no Core book in the files? There is the download demo on this page, but that is not version 2? I paid the $12.56


Do you have the file Solitary-Defilement.pdf? That is thr main book. Any references to 'Corr' refer to thr core Mork Borg rulebook. Does that help?


Maybe, so the 4 files (that I didn't read) above is for purchase. It has Aqua Mortis,  Park Pale, Alone in the Crowd, and Playthrough examples. But the main Solitary-Defilement book, we use the free version for download above? I think the confusing part was I was looking for the title "expanded edition", but the title on Solitary-Defilement.pdf (2nd page) says "first" edition. If so, updating that little piece would be helpful! Looking forward to playing, thanks for your efforts!

Will more community copies be added for the expanded edition? I cannot afford it because of low funds, that is why.


Just added some more - enjoy!

Thank you!


I just published my first RPG product--a hack of these excellent rules (plus Sölitary Depths+Alone In the Crowd) for Cy_borg. https://weirdo-spaceman.itch.io/cy-litary-defilement Thanks for making awesome stuff!

Great - thanks for letting me know! I hope to put together some list of SD resources next month, so will definitely include this! Cheers!

I'm bummed I missed the deluxe boxed set.  Any idea when there will be a reprint?

You didn't miss it.  It is available now from Max Moon games

I got it!  Nice glow-in-the-dark edition box :)

Is there a Spanish version?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for this. It's really useful. And superbly done. If I can suggest one small modification: In Alone in the Crowd on p. 3, you mention that "Settlements can also be discovered by chance. For each day travelling there is a 1-in-8 chance that a settlement is discovered." I believe  this should also be mentioned on the travel chart in Sölitary Defilement. But that's the only thing really.

Thanks again for doing this. Truly.

A typo on page 2: the name of the creator of Ironsworn is Shawn Tomkin (not Tomkinson).

Omg, thank you. I must have automatically typed it because my bff's surname is Tomkinson!

hello I know you don’t want to read this but please I have no shame please do one more reprint thank you


It's on the cards for later this year. Honest!!

What supplements can i use for solo play in towns and villages?


(1 edit) (+1)

The expanded edition includes Alone in the Crowd, which is a pretty comprehensive city crawl supplement:


Streets of Decay also acts as an oracle for generating streets, but does not include the additional rules for each shop type, location, and event, as found in Alone in the Crowd. It might be good for some sparks on inspiration, though:


Love love love your work. 

Don't know where to ask this, so I'll ask here. In your example play in SD (page 28), you mention Plague Larvae. And DNGNSTOCK will also randomly generate them. But I can't for the life of me figure out the source reference for them! Where do they come from!? Where do they go!? Where do they come from Cotton Ey.... Ahem. Sorry. 

But seriously - What book/add-on/whatnot has Plague Larvae?

Thanks in advance!

I made the  up for that campaign. Penciled them in early, but only settled on the stats etc much later when it came time to encounter them.

But they're also in the DNGNSTOCK generator! Is there a secret listing of lovely nasty monsters somewhere? :-)

DNGNSTOCK has a load of creatures culled from my solo and group games :) they only exist therein... but I could do a downloadable appendix sometime.


Well, no pressure. You've done enough already. Rest. Relax. Restore d6 health.

Will there be a 3rd printing? I’d love to get the box…

I’d plonk down a stack of gold for a 3rd printing!!! I printed out the pdf in booklet format and it looks ok next to all my other supplements. I’m sure the peasants would think it’s fine. However I am too rich to accept anything but a professionally made product. Lol

Well, my Wretched Royalty friend, keep an eye on the Max Moon website. 3rd printing this summer!

Ok looking forward to this as well! Thanks!


i'd plonk down a whole stack of silver for a 3rd printing of this! my skeletal hands shake with anticipation...

Random rules question- When making a 2D20 roll and adding a stat (Strength, Omens, etc), do you add said stat to both D20s? 


Any plans for print run #3? :)


Is there somewhere I could obtain Alone in the Crowd as an individual file instead of as part of the bundle on DrivethruRPG? 

Great great supplement!!! Having fun running my own solo campaign: https://www.smokeraven.com/mork-borg-session-00-exquisite-corpses

(1 edit)

in Solitary on pg 9, there is a list of stock creatures, three of which are to be found in “Core: lll”. There is no pg. 111 in the core rulebook. What is “Core: lll”? I didn’t find it in the Heretic supplement (the 3rd MB book). 


It refers to Rotblack Sludge, which has Roman numerals.


I've just started getting into Mork Borg and came across your supplements. Congratulations on selling out on your recent print run. Are you able to advise if you'll be doing another?

Personally I find PDF's awkward to work off and much prefer physical copies.

Out of curiosity do you have any intention or thoughts regarding a potential solitaire rule set for Cy_borg?


Hey! I just realized I missed the print version... Do you plan to release another one soon? If not, is there a way to obtain the "Alone in the Crowd" pdf? Thanks :)

There is a budle with all the solitary defilement and one shot dungeons on driverhrurpg

Congrats on selling out that 2nd printing pre-order. It'll end up being a nice little collectors piece within the community. 

Hi there - I had a question.  When looking at the chart for rolling for # of room exists (page 13) - what does the “-“ mean?  Thanks!


No exits! Either backtrack or try and find a hidden door.


I was afraid you were going to say that!


Hi, any plans to make a version of this for Cy_borg? If not, do you mind if others do and base it on Solitary Defilement? Thank you.


Thanks for asking! I don't think I am going to have time un the next 8 months at least to work on anything like CY_litary Defilement, so if anyone wants to then go for it! However  if you base it around Solitary Defilement I would appreciate if the Third Party License was used.


Thank you.

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