Second Printing (edition of 100)

The second printing of Solitary Defilement is up for pre-order, and nearly sold out!

This deluxe version, executed by Max Moon, includes: Solitary Defilement and Alone in the Crowd zines, three pamphlet adventures, AND 'Records of Ruin' campaign journal, a vinyl sticker, and bookmark, in a screenprinted box!

Take a look and pre-order here:

Get Sölitary Defilement (Solo rules for MÖRK BORG)

Buy Now$12.56 USD or more


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Damn I missed this one by *that* much. hopefully leaving a comment and checking back regularly will pay off in the future. Love your stuff, and would jump on another reprint if it ever rolled around.


Is there another round of printing planned? Obviously there is demand for it.

Preordered, no wonder my wife is divorcing me.


Just pre-ordered. Thank you!!!