Physical Edition!


If you enjoyed Solitary Defilement, you may like to know that there are a few copies of the physical edition available here:

Includes the core solo rules, Alone in the Crowd (city crawling supplement) and three pamphlet adventures!



Get Sölitary Defilement (Solo rules for MÖRK BORG)

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What are the chances of the regular physical edition getting another reprint? I'd really love to get my hands on a physical version of this wonderful supplement, but I can't afford the limited edition.

I'd be interested in a physical copy if they ever do roll around again. If there is some sort of notify me list or something I'd get on it. picking up the PDF for now though. I've heard nothing but good things.

Would be interested to pick up Expanded if the Etsy bundle ever comes back into print. Any plans to do that in the future or is the limited deluxe run to be the final printing? Digital copies just don't burn as well...

Curious if you were planning another run. If not, can I take the pdf to staples and have them print the book?

Yes - there might be some news very soon. Watch out though - it's going to be a limited run (100 boxed copies...!)

thanks dude, preordered!

How can we get a physical copy?  


any chance for more physical copies?

I’d also love to pick up a physical copy if more come into existence

Haha. I just saw this and downloaded the digital. Will you have more physical copies for sale? Thank you for the great solo adventure rules!

Same, would love physical copies if you ever reprint.

Good news! I just unearthed a few from a cracked casket held in the arms of Anuk Schleger's dessicated mummy...

Missed this. Are their plans for printing any more?

Yes! Vomited forth from the abyss today!