Updated Core Rules and Community!

Hello Defilers!

I've obviously been pretty busy finishing up the Kickstarter edition of Solitary Defilement. However, there were so many corrections, typos and bits and pieces that I couldn't live with them being present on the Itch.io version. So, to prevent my ears continually burning with shame, I've updated the PDF for you all. The most important tweaks:

  •  The Stock Creatures table is now arranged in order of deadliness, so as well as rolling a simply d20, you could also roll d6 on it for a fairly safe(ish) encounter, or something like d8+12 for almost-certain death.
  • More clarity in the Camping Move
  •  Dungeon Crawling rules updated to give advice on stocking Common and Rare encounters on-the-fly.

The additional KS supplements (Alone in the Crowd, Park Pale, AquaMortis) will stay as KS exclusives for the present, but I will release downloadable versions sometime further down the line. Until then, I'll be concentrating on printing and fulfilling physical orders for the next few weeks! However, you can get the tiniest taste of Alone in the Crowd via the Settlements of the Damned generator I added recently!

Oh! I've also enabled the Community option on the Itch page for SD, so questions, discussions, reviews, playthroughs etc are most welcome!




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Oct 14, 2021

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