Adventuring Moves Revised

A minor update, but it was bugging the hell out of me... So, here we go: the Adventure Moves are now more coherent and MB-appropriate (I hope!). Given that I have three or four characters die trying to achieve a single milestone, I think even surviving that long should be considered a major achievement!

Also, the Move 'Encountering Dungeon Dwellers' is deprecated: never used it, and better handled by Oracles.


Solitary_Defilement.pdf 2 MB
Apr 19, 2021

Get Sölitary Defilement (Solo rules for MÖRK BORG)


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I have already been doing this (Getting Better for each milestone). :)
But I only level up a PC if they satisfy the old school requirements of killing and looting during the milestone. My 2 PCs have reached 2 out of 8 milestones, but one of my PCs only has been levelled up once because they fled a fight. 

However, they are already fairly strong now--they have been lucky and found 3 scrolls in the early going. It's possible PCs may get too strong too quickly in longer campaigns...

Yeah, I think I need to add a caveat about getting better only if you think it has been a significant achievement. I usually make my milestones pretty dangerous (e.g. a significant journey or crawl) - each one potentially spanning a few sessions.